Hypnosis Helps Women over 50 Change

Hypnosis Helps Women over 50 Change

Can Hypnosis Help You Change at Midlife? Absolutely!

Of course, I’m presuming that you’ve reached a point in your life where you want and need change.  If you’re ready for the next big evolve let’s look under the hood for what we can transform.


  1. SKILLS AND ASSETS. Right now, you might be contemplating leaving your job for another, going back to school for a new career, or maybe getting back into the workplace because the kids have left. You can do it. Listen, I was in your place and just decided to leave the career I had for many years as a film producer and start school in hypnotherapy. Did I have doubts? Sure, what did film producing have to do with hypnosis? But when I considered what I had to offer it was much more than I had anticipated. I knew how to deal with people, start new projects and finish them too, deal with the unknowns of production, and continually learn. It required more study (which still goes on) but I have no regrets and am so grateful that I followed my heart.

If you were to look objectively at your Skills and Assets you might even impress yourself. At this point in your life you have gathered so many abilities that you probably don’t even see them anymore. As a matter of fact, your life experience is a valuable asset.

A very useful practice is to write down what these skills and assets are. Then, in hypnosis, we visualize them from a new perspective which can inform your life into one that suits you now.


So, what’s stopping you from

starting your new life?


  1. BELIEFS. At midlife you might have noticed a certain amount of feeling stuck. Why is that? Well, maybe it’s about the Beliefs that rule your life. Perhaps there are things you think are true like, “I’m not creative”, I’m too old to change”, or that old standby, “I’m not enough”, etc. There are beliefs that you have told yourself for years that have settled in as so-called reality. They’re not.

With hypnosis you get to the root of why you have limiting beliefs and, guess what, you can change them. Imagine how liberating it would be to let go of this negative weight.


  1. HABITS. I’ve had several people stop smoking after one session with me. From the beginning I told them it was a Habit, NOT an addiction. And we all know that habits can be changed, right? But change happens when you are ready to be in control of yourself. This can refer to over eating, bad relationship habits, procrastination, and more. You can literally change your mind and then change yourself.

A habit is a default you repeatedly go to in your brain but what if you eliminate that default? Hypnosis can help you create a new default, one that is healthier both physically and emotionally.

For example, do you know that using hypnosis, while on a diet, has been shown to be twice as successful for weight loss? Hypnosis creates a mindset which provides the motivation to change eating habits.


  1. FEARS. But what about your Fears and all those What Ifs? Think about how they keep you back.

Sometimes they are based on things that happened in childhood or things that you were taught. Why should a grown woman be afraid of spiders? That is an irrational fear AND an embarrassing one. Why are there so many women who have a fear of ending up a bag lady on the street. Many of these women are educated, own their homes and have savings. And then there’s fear of flying which is very common. There is no need to have fears that keep you from realizing your dreams. With hypnosis, fears are neutralized and their power over you fades away. Leavening fears behind is a tremendously freeing feeling.

There is so much more for you to express in this world and, with hypnosis, you can discover a path leading toward change.

Please check out my website: www.janehernandez.com. I offer a free consult and would be happy to discuss what’s on your mind currently.

Jane Hernandez
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner
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