with Jane Hernandez

A few years ago, this commercial which aired during the Super Bowl which attracted a lot of attention then and even now. It is called “Always#LikeAGirl”, and it is a series of interviews in which the interviewee was asked to run like a girl.

The first people who were asked were teens, both boys and girls. It was comical to see them approximate running with arms and legs uncoordinated and flailing.

Later the same question was asked of pre-adolescents and they gave it all their strength and determination.

The commercial went on to state something that is not surprising: A girl’s confidence plummets during adolescence.

I still remember feeling that insidious information trying to seep into my young psyche – girls were not as smart, talented or strong as boys. It took a lot of trying and fighting to prove that was wrong…at least in my world.

That kind of thing leaves a mark and most women probably understand what I mean, no matter how smart or extraordinarily talented. It’s a constant fight, especially for women who go into fields that are not traditional for women.

For a woman who is older now it was even a bigger battle. Many men did not want women who were too smart or capable so women were taught to downplay their abilities. So many women in my generation (Baby Boomers) just took that “less than feeling” inside. Guess what, for many it is still there.

So now that women from that generation are at another crossroad in life isn’t it time to chuck those feelings out? And the reason is simple: It’s not true!

Now it’s time to really do what you want… because you can.

Maybe you want to go back to school… you can!

Maybe you want to start a different career… you can!

Maybe you want to just travel… you can!

Maybe you want to retire and do what you want… you can!

Jane F.

One thing I liked was …. Feeling like a winner. Support for my choices. Feeling confidence in my choices. We did our sessions by Zoom, and I felt connected to her. I could feel her warm and encouraging presence. Jane has a kind and soothing voice that makes me feel nurtured and understood. She is never judgmental.

If you haven’t yet discovered for yourself that you are ready, finally, to do what you want, it’s OK. The answer is inside you and just needs your permission to be expressed.

I help women find those inner stirrings and get on the path to a new life. It happened to me and I was lucky enough to find the work I do now in Hypnotherapy and EFT/ Tapping.

How might you change your life? How ready are you to change? Imagine you’re changed, what would the positive outcomes be? Why are these outcomes important to you?

If you feel that it’s your time now and you’re ready to rumble, go ahead and let it roll. If you want some help with the flowering of the newly emerging you, I’d be glad to help. After all, I really do know where you come from and what it means to change one’s life.