Meet Jane

Jane Hernandez

I’ve been exactly where you are.

In my late fifties I realized that I needed to find a new path in regards to work and I wasn’t at all ready to retire. Since my early 20’s I had done one thing and that was to work in the film business. I started as a film editor and segued into producing and loved it. This allowed me to travel all over the world on shoots and I produced every kind of film and video. It was hard work and very stressful but I was good at it and always found projects. Eventually, believe it or not, I admitted to myself that I was bored. I wanted a new career but I was a woman of a certain age.

And that put me in a bind as to the What’s Next. Though I wracked my brain to get inspiration for my what’s next, nothing appealed to me. After two years of yearning for a new direction, I started to find clues on the internet and in the newspaper and I even recalled long-forgotten hypnosis sessions I had attended for problem-solving. Eureka! I had found my next career as a hypnotist. I researched a good school to attend and started studies to become certified.

Once I began to open that world there was much more to learn than I could ever have imagined. Hypnosis study also introduced me to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT /Tapping) which took me deeper into the subconscious and how to access what I was really thinking and feeling. I wish I had known to use these tools when I was searching for my what’s next. It would have happened faster.

If you relate to this, why wait for inspiration to hit? Your time is valuable and you may be ready now.

If you’re a woman in the second part of life and you have more to contribute, I would like to help you find your what’s next. It’s a golden age for women of all ages and we are making more of a difference than ever before.

I see clients in person in Sonoma, California. In addition, I conduct sessions on Zoom or FaceTime.

Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy
EFT Practitioner
Matrix Reimprinting
Certified: Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss
Certified: Pain Management with Hypnosis
Reiki Master

Jane follows the National Guild of Hypnotists Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.