Stress & Uncertainty

The research is there – if you have greater control over the stress in your life, you will feel better and live longer!

• Your immune system will be stronger
• Your stamina will be increased
• You will make better decisions
• The overall quality of your life will be significantly enhanced
• Not just for those who feel like they are stressed but anyone who wants to be more relaxed and resilient
• You will experience less anger, less fear, less physical discomfort and a greater sense of happiness and well-being
• You will achieve deep states of relaxation
• You will have more energy
• You will be more effective in your every-day life!
• You will access your body’s natural ability for instant calm and deep relaxation
• You will alter your response to stress for longer and longer
• You will have less belly fat

The nervous system does not differentiate between real and pretend. When we believe we are stressed, this is simply the result of one system (the stress response) doing too much, and the other system (our natural relaxation) doing too little.

My focus as a hypnotherapist centers around:

• Interrupting the stress response
• Managing negative self-talk and re-interpreting or re-framing events
• Teaching the client self-hypnosis to determine their preferred outcomes

To that I add EFT/Tapping:

• Identifying, eliminating or minimizing the stressors
• Teaching the client the EFT/Tapping technique so that can manage stress in the moment
• Teaching clients the difference between tension and relaxation

J. Elliot, Mt. View, CA

I just wanted to say thank you for last Thursday. I’ve been feeling a new sort of… sense of calm since then, like a little something poking me on the shoulder and quietly reminding me that it’s okay.