There Is An Emotional Component In 85% of All Illnesses

There Is An Emotional Component In 85% of All Illnesses

There Is an Emotional Component in 85% of All Illnesses

This is an official conclusion from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Our bodies are chemical factories and science has demonstrated that your thoughts and beliefs affect these chemicals and affect the systems of your body – digestive, endocrine, nervous, hormone secretion and energy. And then directly impact your immune system.

I’m sure you can relate to the high levels of stress and negative emotions that we all live with now. This is a huge strain on your health.

So, what can be done about the stress and anxiety which can lead to disease and illness?

Imagine this – Let’s say you leave your house everyday and walk to public transportation with a daypack. Over time you start putting more and more things in your daypack like water, your lunch, an apple, the book you’re reading, a set of every key you own, toiletries, brush, phone, laptop, wallet, glasses case, etc. You get the picture. After a while the daypack has gotten heavier and heavier, slowing you down and creating a strain on your back and shoulders. The obvious solution is to take some items out and travel lighter, right?

The same is true about the emotional components you have been carrying and adding to all your life which put a strain on your health and keep you from living out your dreams.

But how to uncover and neutralize those emotional components? How can you change those chemical reactions so that your immune system functions optimally?

One of the most effective ways to reprogram your mind is by EFT Tapping. It’s easy to learn and you can do it yourself whenever you want or need to.

There are many studies now that prove the effectiveness of EFT Tapping to rewire the brain.

When you shift the beliefs and emotions in the subconscious there is a concurrent shifting of the chemicals being released. This enables you to shift your nervous system, digestive, endocrine systems, hormones, in fact, all the systems in your body.

EFT Tapping is deceptively simple and the first thing you might notice is that you feel calmer…but that’s just the beginning. As you tap more you begin to go deeper into the subconscious and the emotional places that need clearing. The purpose of this is to bring your body back into balance and strengthen your immune system.

There is no longer any doubt that carrying those old patterns of thinking and believing weigh you down and unbalance the body. EFT Tapping can help you unpack that emotional daypack and free you to live in health and balance.

If you are interested in exploring EFT Tapping more check out this website:

The Tapping Solution (EFT): How To Get Started

If you’d like to learn EFT Tapping from me and experience a customized session just give me a call or click on the free consultation button on my website.

Lately I’ve been doing many EFT Tapping and hypnosis sessions online using Zoom or Facetime and guess what…it works just as well as in person. That is amazing news because driving in traffic is another constant stress on our busy lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love working in person with clients, but sometimes people cannot spare the time to take care of themselves. EFT Tapping and Hypnosis lend themselves very well to online work and the results I am getting are the same. I’ve worked with people in Australia, Europe and all over the US, it’s amazing.

Jane Hernandez
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner
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