The Good News About Aging

The Good News About Aging

Jane Hernandez

The Good News About Aging

There is so much new research that is telling us wonderful things about what is really going on with our health. And one of the most liberating things is, please pay attention here…

The genes you inherited are not the determining factor in your health and how you age.

So, if that is true, then what is?

Your beliefs and the culture you have been exposed to are much greater determinants of the genes’ expression and your current health.

All those emotions, particularly the ones you tend to repress like anger, sadness, shame and disappointment are the environments that the genes are exposed to. But stressful environments can also be changed.

Science has shown that Tapping (EFT) greatly reduces the stress hormones which are responsible for so many of the ailments which seem to accompany aging like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

You can change your beliefs by tapping and alter what your particular life environment has predisposed you to.

What tapping and energy medicine strive to do is bring your mind/body to a state of homeostasis. Imagine your body as an orchestra but the violin sounds as if it’s playing a different piece. What you want is to have the violin piece adapted to play in sync with the rest of the orchestra. That’s when you have true harmony.

Are you ready for some more good news?

Did you know that it’s good practice not telling anyone your age? Not because of vanity but if you choose to not live your chronological age, no one can put you in that box, and you can actually be younger and feel younger.

Change your beliefs and don’t set limits on yourself because you’re a certain age.  Keep learning, creating new adventures, planning the future and you will find that these activities generate a feeling of agelessness.

The good news keeps coming.

It has been proven that our brains can continue to grow even as we age.

It’s called brain plasticity. And when we learn new things like a language, a skill, different ways to do things, we keep our brains limber, just as if it were a muscle that we are exercising.

So, whatever age you are, let go of the number…just live your life. So much is possible now – release any limiting beliefs which keep you from truly living as you age, and the world will unfold in ways you can’t imagine.

Jane Hernandez
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner
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