“I am broken”

“I am broken”

“I am broken”

I’m hearing this a lot lately, especially from new clients.  The last relationship “broke” me …. He “broke” me … losing my job “broke” me … getting depression “broke” me.


Initially I thought, that’s interesting, it left your broke, as in without money. Then I thought, that’s not right, surely.  So I asked … “what do you mean, broke you?”  Then I understood completely, and I had no idea.


I had no idea that people were actively believing they were a broken human, a broken person.  Just like I would hear a lot of male clients say they had a ‘broken’ back and in pain as a result.


So each client that says this is asked …”Are you broken or do you just think you are?”  I’m amazed at the number who honestly believed they are well and truly broken.


The reality is this.  You are not broken, you just think you are.  It is your mindset that needs tweaking, you are perfect, whole and complete, you’ve just forgotten this truth.


If you were broken, you’d probably be dead – in the case of a broken back, for example.


Yes, you are feeling angry, hurt, sad and have things you are telling yourself (limiting beliefs), stories you believe to be true.  Yes, you are in pain, both physical and emotional. But that is not the truth of who you really are at core; it is not the truth of your divine birth right.


So, it’s time to get to work and identify the core issue, which is usually “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not worthy”.  All the rest … depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt, shame are simply symptoms of your core issue and can be deleted.  Will you get angry again? Yes, if anger is the appropriate response. You will have a clean anger, one that is there and then, not there for the next five days and for the last 20 years.  Can you see the difference?  You will definitely feel the difference!


And I love that “I am broken” is so quickly deleted from the client’s vocabulary; they get it; they know they are not broken, they just thought they were.


So remember … you are not broken, you just think you are.

I help to restore your divine birthright so you can be healthy happy and whole. I do this using my intuitive healing gifts combined with hypnotherapy, counselling and family freedom coaching.
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