Free 20-Minute Consultation

In this 20 minute strategy session we will determine where you want to go or how you want to change. You know deep down what your desires are and this strategy session will help point in the right direction. It’s also an opportunity to ask about hypnosis and EFT Tapping – the main tools I use in my coaching. Change is coming.

Just fill out the form below to set up the session at your convenience.

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As a special THANK YOU for reaching out, you will also receive valuable information and resources from me in the future.


“The hypnotherapy session with Jane was crucial to my calm and peaceful determination as I sat awaiting surgery, which was delayed by almost four hours. The surgeon was able to remove the tumor and also fix the damage from an earlier surgery, relieving me of daily agony. I credit much of my serene mental state to Jane’s session. Your being will benefit from the sense that you are in control, and your body can align with the goal of health and healing.”

Lin D., Willits, CA

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